Few extra things left to get rid of.

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Few extra things left to get rid of.

Postby Luvs2Play » February 21st, 2013, 5:11 pm

I bought some stuff off ebay when I had my C50T. Sold the bike but have this to get rid of. Will describe it as best as I can and get pics when I get a chance if they are wanted.

1 rear wheel with worn out tire. I bought an extra rear so I could always have a spare tire in case I wore one out or had a flat. Well, this tire is worn out. Rim is in great condition with no problems, other than dirty from sitting in the barn for a couple years.

1 Front seat, as far as I can tell, it is as was described to me when I bought it. It is from a bike that was hit and totalled, the seat itself is flawless. Been sitting in my closet for several years, no sun or other light to deteriorate it.

1 set of stock exhaust. I was told it was like new, but it was down on the right side. I think, by memory that only the bottom muffler has any damage, and it is in my opinion severe, I would never put it on my bike. I think the top muffler is fine and all the pipes and shields are near perfect. I have a bag of hardware to go with it. Would be willing to just get rid of the pipes and send the rest to salvage if it's not wanted.

Everything but the seat has been sitting in a dirty horse barn and is not cleaned up. I will brush it off before shipping it.

Here are the prices.

You pay shipping by Paypal as a gift for whatever it costs. I will let you know what it costs after I ship it. I will have to get boxes and will ship as soon as I get a chance so you will not be out any money until then. I just have no use for it anymore.

First come, first serve. And will only ship to US addresses.

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