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'04 VL-800 Misfires between 55 & 65 mph.

Posted: April 15th, 2013, 7:47 pm
by JerryBa
VL-800 misfires between 55 & 65 mph cruising or accelerating. Slight "pop" with skips. Never backfires on deceleration.

Ran great for 5 years. No changes in maintenance since rebuild ~20K ago.

Started month ago only twice a week. Got worse over time so now is every day. Still, comes and goes for no apparent reason. Some days, works fine all day.

Did the Sea-Foam thing & tried all different kinds of fuel. Ran w/o air cleaner but, no change.
New expensive, properly gapped spark plugs. Both coils & plug wires well within ohm specs and physical condition looks good.
Mechanicals seem good and no probs found in wire harness except maybe ground @ coils about 1/2 volt above battery.

A reference on page 11 reported 2nd gear misfire problem (unrelated) but also greater problems fixed w/new $440 ICM.

Repair shop says almost certainly not ICM because not old enough and ICM problems never come & go. Once they fail, they never work again.
I run V&H pipes, don't know if jetted or not but have worked fine for last 5 years.

I don't know but it's expensive to pay $440 just for a swap test. Can anyone help?