***** VR Relief Fund Activation ******

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Re: ***** VR Relief Fund Activation ******

Postby wehrd1 » March 11th, 2011, 5:15 pm

posted from the 'other' site

Please allow Me to reassure everyone that Pete (VR Bugman) has unselfishly co-managed this fund for the last 7 years, without any problems, and may I add, the intended recipient has ALWAYS received the intended financial assistance.

The current collection for Chad Cole has already been advanced to Him, and there's only a few insignificant paypal policy details to iron out, and the VR Relief will continue any future assistance for deserving members of this online VR Riding Club.


and from Bugman himself:

i'm sorry to vent, but i needed to before i jumped through my puter and choked someone, the fund for Chad are all set, already sent to him, just have to deal with another issue bought on by some DINKWEED, but i'm working on it,, so thank you for letting me vent, i did not want to cause an uproar, but i am working on the problem, so everyone relax and i will work it out remember i'm a tranplanted Masshole and nobody will beat me, i can play just as hard

Thank Goodness that Chad got the funds. THAT was what concerned me most.

Thank you Buggy & Julee for your time & effort for managing this fund
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